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New Methods in SPAM sending...


New Methods in SPAM sending...

I'm getting spam usually of dodgy US stocks slipping through all my filters and it seems quite clever...

The mail contains the following line when I view source:

<DIV><FONT face=Arial size=2><IMG alt="risk" hspace=0
src="cid:000301c707ed$eff06060$00000000@pigdby9lozgdgg" align=baseline

Outlook 2003 is set to block downloads and other content in HTML mail so I don't understand why I get to see the spam content in the mail.

PlusNet and Outlook spam filters don't spot it so it goes to my inbox.

Any one else getting these spams?

How is this done? How can I stop it?
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New Methods in SPAM sending...

Set up a filter which looks for "cid:" in the message text. That should sort it.