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Netscape 7.0


Netscape 7.0

Is anyone using Netscape 7.0?

I have just started using it and have found strange things happening to tables on my pages - mainly images not appearing in cells when they should be.

If anyone would be knd enough to take a look, there is an example here:

It is a simple three column table used to make two boxes with rounded corners (using gifs). First box appears fine, but the second box (with identical html) loses its left and right sides because the images aren't showing.

Works fine in IE - any ideasHuh??


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Netscape 7.0

Are the three oblong thingys 100% identical in the HTML?
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Netscape 7.0

Does not display properly (missing sides on 2nd and 3rd image down) in Mozilla 1.6 either although the HTML looks OK. If I edit the source in Mozilla is shows all the graphics correctly and the sides are not missing for the 2nd and 3rd one down. Very strange - and it works fine in IE6 as you say.

Netscape 7.0

Not using Netscape 7 here , but .....

In Netscape 6.2 and Opera 6.01, *all* the boxes have the side bits missing.
In Firebird 0.7, it;s the same as your description of Netscape 7 - top box is fine, but the other two have the sides missing.

Now, I am fairly clueless at this, just spent two days correcting my first attempt at a page which, although it looked fine in four different browsers, faile the W3C test with a massive 2,754 errors, but ...

one thing that I did find is that some browsers interpret things differently with horrible results at times. What should have been a 5 pixel high grey rule, correctly coded according to W3C, came out as a massive grey box in Opera. It seems it didn't like the way I'd done the tr bits, and by making it a separate table, rather than a tr, it solved the problem. I see that yours is also all one table, so you could give that a try if nobody wise comes up with any bright ideas.

Netscape 7.0

Yes, having a separate table for each box in each cell of the 'main' table does indeed solve the problem.

Annoying though - I don't like having too many tables within tables. Looks like I'll have to live with it.

Can't believe that Netscape makes such a hash of a simple table layout like that.

Thanks for all your suggestions.

Netscape 7.0

Yes, it is a bit of a pain, isn't it?
I was particularly miffed by the fact that mine looked perfectly OK in Opera *before* I altered the coding to get it through the W3C vaildator - it was only when I'd got it "correct" that it went haywire.

Still, as you say, we will have to live with it, and I'm glad that at least it solved the problem. TBH, being such a newbie at doing my own pages instead of using the Website Builder, I was a bit reluctant to say anything as I figured that the chances of me getting the right answer were pretty remote, so your reply has cheered me up no end. Smiley