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Netgear 328 units FR328 FVL328


Netgear 328 units FR328 FVL328

Hi all,

Similar posting have beend read, all I would like is some clarification on a few things.

I have a DM602 modem/router and the above mentioned firewalls.

What ever way I try to connect them I fail. I have the 602 set up with a FVS318 at the moment - no problem. Two different ip ranges etc , works a treat.

After many different 'support' calls to netgear I am sure that I know more about the 602 than they do. One support guy said that I must set the 602 in modem mode, and then ten minutes later said the 328 units wouldn't work as they don't support pppoe! I know that !!!!!! Are there any tricks or firmware that enable the two to talk or do I need another modem/router?

Netgear 328 units FR328 FVL328

Have a look at the set-up here
labelled 'set up for Linksys WRT54G Netgear DM602'
Try using the DM602 in router mode connected to the
firewalls WAN port,using those set - up IP's.
Use the static IP as described in the range of the DM602 also
enter Plusnet DNS servers manually, instead of auto.

Netgear 328 units FR328 FVL328

have had a go at that b4

Makes no odds. perhaps my netgear 602 is up the duff.