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NTL the way forward?


NTL the way forward?

Hi All,

My last message was deleted before it hit the must for free speech?

Anyway...i made the change to NTL recently...i am obviosly still a plusnet member at the moment until my account expires.

I switched because of the steady decline in the service that PN were offering me. I had been a customer for almost 4 years. When i came to cancel the account they offered no solution or compromised re pricing etc...just sorry to see you i did.

I am currently on the NTL 10MB cable what a really should consider it...and so far customer service has been excellent.

Just my two pennies worth!


From to NTL

Absolutly I will be moving to NTL just as soon as they lay there lines in my area. Have to agree with you about PlusNet, I have been a customer for 4 years now and have definately seen a serious decline in service, and support and the excuse is it's someones elses fault. Just not good enough.
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NTL the way forward?

Has NTL Hell recently been upgraded to Pergadise or Paratory or is it just that the BT "last mile" of phone line is driving you that way? I know where I'm hoping to Be shortly and it aint cable! Tongue Wink