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NTL cable better than PlusNet?


NTL cable better than PlusNet?

I noticed a few days ago that my NTL cable broadband modem connection was allowing me to upload data at 19kbps. The old rate was 7kbps, which was too slow for effective P2P. PlusNet seem to be hammering my P2P activities and only lift the gate well after 1:00AM in the wee small hours. Usually by the time I wake up, Ellacoya bit rate limiting is back in force.

I can't find anything on the NTL web site about maximum acceptable downloads (in terms of GB per month), but they didn't seem concerned a year ago when I started downloading tens of GB per month. Perhaps now is the time to ditch PlusNet and use the money to upgrade my NTL cable account. At least cable length is not a problem with NTL, whereas I'm more than 3.5 miles from the BT exchange which restricts my ADSL rate.

Another point in favour of NTL is they provide a free Newsgroup/Usenet service and don't seem to limit downloads from these sources either. Anyone out there have any opinions on a good ADSL ISP with no bit rate limiting or monthly download caps? With my yearly PlusNet contract coming up for renewal, I may ditch ADSL in favour of cable broadband.

Many thanks.

NTL cable better than PlusNet?

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NTL cable better than PlusNet?

On the negative side, NTL have THE worst customer service in the history of the world!

They truly suck. I went through sheer hell with them and they never could provide me with a stable internet connection in all the years I was with them (yep, cable suffers from all the same problems as ASDL, more so in some ways).

If anything goes wrong you can expect endless attempts at calling out a competent engineer, and most of the time they won't turn up at the right time or at all, or turn up on the wrong day and blame you for not being in, and there's zero compensation for wasting your time. If they do turn up they screw up your connection anyway. After much pestering you might finally get a proper competent engineer.

As for phoning them, expect an hour long wait only to be cut off. One time I tried phoning continually over an entire weekend period and never got through to them!

The nightmare of NTL is one of the reasons why I'm pretty happy with PlusNet despite the whinging of many. As far as PlusNet's side of things is concerned I'm very happy with what they provide. I don't care about the fuss over changing T&Cs, traffic shaping, etc. The end result is still the same experience for me anyway. The only issue I have is with BT but that's another matter.

Personally my advice is to steer well clear of NTL.

Oh, and I wouldn't bother with NTL's usenet. There's virtually no retention for binaries (they were getting rid of binary groups entirely at one point, not sure if they still do).

NTL cable better than PlusNet?

I didn't have much trouble contacting NTL when my cable modem was destroyed by lightning during a thunderstorm this summer. Mind you, it took them 6 days (including the weekend) to send out engineer, but ten minutes later the new cable modem was up and running. Loads of other people in the area had exploding modems, TV sets, phones, etc , due to the thunderstorm, so the engineer was kept pretty busy. I was lucky because I could use my ADSL broadband whilst the cable system was down.

NTL usenet still hosts binaries, although how long they're retained I don't know. I got the impression that PlusNet ceased to offer Usenet/Newsgroup support earlier this year, which stopped me from cancelling my NTL account. I've had NTL now for at least five years and so far it's been OK, apart from the odd time when the service vanished for a few hours. The lack of traffic shaping and no apparent worries about large P2P downloads on NTL cable, still makes me look on them more favourably than PlusNet.

Further research has shown that there are at least two new? ISPs (UKFSN and FalconNet) who allow you 30GB per month during peak times and 300GB per month during off peak times, all for £19.99 per month. The other good thing about these ISPs is they don't insist that you sign up for 12 months like PlusNet. As with Virgin, the contract is on a monthly basis, so you can get out quickly without the need to pay for the rest of the year. Migration is free if you're on BT (not LLU'd).

What with PlusNet's traffic shaping on P2P getting more and more fierce, I think it's time to ask for my MAC and try another ADSL ISP. Since I also have NTL cable broadband, it won't matter if I'm without ADSL for a few hours/days/weeks during the switch over.

If anyone has any comments on UKFSN and their 300GB+ capped downloads, I'd be interested to hear from you.