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NTL and Telewest Merge?

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NTL and Telewest Merge?

This has always been on the sidelines for the past few years, but it looks like it finally might happen, according to the article on the front page of ADSL Guide.

I think it will be good news for conusmers in terms of competitivity for phone, TV and Internet access. However it will be bad news in terms of continued rollout and applying for licences for rolloing out in new Districts as there will only be one company to tender for cable licences so they will only bother applying for the ones that they consider viable.

Anyone got any more thoughts?


NTL and Telewest Merge?

I actualy think it may be a good thing.

I agree, new rollout plans will likely stop, but I suspect this may finaly see area like my own getting the cable already in the ground up and running.

My own town has cable running up and down near enough every road. I sit approximatly 3 car lengths away from the one our own road as I type. It's just that near enough all the town (aside from a few select spots) are currently offline, due to rollout being stopped.

Between the 2 companies, they have enough people in reach of a cable line but in non enabled area, as they have those in enabled areas.

Places like my home town are actualy perfect places to enable the lines too. I see more income from my own town, then I do in places a few miles away that do have access to the network.