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NOD32 Virus Checker


NOD32 Virus Checker

Hi everyone,

I've been looking at get a new virus checker as the latest version of my current one Kaspersky is suffering from problems, so much so, that I've gone back to the previous release.

I was thinking of getting NOD32, anyone know anything about it? it seems to have good write ups.

Any other virus checkers worth checking out, except norton?



NOD32 Virus Checker

mcafee isnt as bad as it used to be.. so u may wanna check that out
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NOD32 Virus Checker

You can find several virus scanners in General: Essential Security software. Some are free, others are not.

NOD32 Virus Checker

Thanks for the advice, I'm not too concered about cost, more that it does the job well, has a good record in detecting viruses and doesn't impact my machine to much.

I'll be running a trial version NOD32 and I'm pretty happy with it so far. My machine used to be slowed down by Kaspersky, especially during start up and defrag. Since install the trial version, my machine has been running much faster.

Mcafee is meant to be good, so I might do a trial run with them.

NOD32 Virus Checker

Hi, gadgetboy. I'm in the same boat. I trialled NOD32 and might eventually go for that. My understanding is that NOD32 has the best performance with ITW viruses, & zoo viruses are unlikely to be encountered by most users. I also trialled KAV 5, & liked its detection ability, but wasn't keen on its resource usage & total squashing of "Create a Restore point" on my PC.

I also trialled McAfee Virus Scan Professional 8, & really hated:
1) the fact that it uses Active X to update and for access to the GUI, so that you have to modify IE settings (I had hoped to find the McAfee update URL, so that I could place that in the IE Trusted Zone, but I just couldn't work it out), even if only temporarily;
2) the McAfee Security Centre, which doesn't recognise ZA Pro, or Ad-Aware or Spybot (perhaps I'm mistaken here, but I kept getting a msg about my deficiencies in the general area of adware/spam control - on the latter, I'm guilty, but I've uninstalled Outlook Express & don't use Outlook).

I'm currently trying out McAfee VS Enterprise 7.1, which I'm not sure I'll be able to buy for home consumption. It comes without Active X & the Sec. Centre, & I've e-mailed McAfee (8 days ago...) to see if I can buy it for a reasonable price.

If I can't buy VSE 7.1, I'll try out Panda, before deciding b/n that & NOD 32. I've heard good things on the Wilder Security Forums, about the NOD32 beta version which is being tested right now. Overall, I've tended to use the "AV-Comparative" antivirus tests to shortlist AV contenders.

NOD32 Virus Checker

I used to use Kaspersky Pro 4.5, which was really good, but it slowed down my machine. I download version 5.0 personal, as the pro version is not out till aug and it was terrible.

It causes problems with System Restore and lots of fragmentation. I couldn't make it scan mail files either. I was pretty disappointed as I really liked 4.5.
When using 4.5 i accepted the slight reduction in performance for all the benifits.

I've been trialing NOD32 for about a week and a half, and it's great. I've got all the performance back and it's full scan on 3/4 full 120GB drive is impressive.

I get paid next week, so I think I'll buy that Cheesy

NOD32 Virus Checker

I use NOD32 - it was reccomended by someone who's judgement I trust - who pointed out many of it's plus points (some of which were waaaay over my head) but also it is claimed NEVER to have missed an "in the wild virus".

Additionally it scans real quick.

I paid for the 2 year licence and am very happy with it.

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I have used NOD32 trial in the past and has caught those nasty thingys even when no signature had yet been created - it recognised a virus pattern and blocked it. Warning though - check virtually ALL the boxes as it comes with medium protection and as long as you haven't a Pentium 100 and 16MB Ram it shouldn't run like a dog. This will give you the best protection using it.

I have also used AVG free which seemed ok and also Norton's but have heard horror stories about people trying to remove it from registry.

Good hunting!!

NOD32 Virus Checker

I am using F-Secure which seems to get a very good write up in the UK Computer magazines. It appears to be doing a good job if anyone knows anything about it I would be interested to hear it.

NOD32 Virus Checker

F-Secure is pretty good, it uses or use to, use code borrowed/rented from Kaspersky, who are also a leading anti-virus company.

I started out using Kaspersky, and they were really good. The only reason I changed was their upgrade had a shocking number of bugs in it. However I'm led to believe that they are resolved.

F-Secure is an all in one package, isn't it? firewall and anti-virus.

NOD32 Virus Checker

F-Secure does package, firewall and anti virus or just antivirus