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NAT network firewall.?


NAT network firewall.?

Just received my 4 port router for the broadband service.

I'm setting up a NAT network - 1 MS Small Business Server & 3 clients, all running through the Binatone router. The router does not have a firewall. Can anyone recommend, suggest what firewall system would be good to use on the above network.?Huh

NAT network firewall.?

NAT in its self is a firewall due to the fact that you now have non routable ips within the lan.. meaning others can not connect to you with things such as trojans.

however if yuou want to run client side firewalls then i would recomend syagate personal firewall (free) or pro .. costs but not alot

If you want a hardware firewall go with a PIX501 from cisco

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NAT network firewall.?

NAT will prevent a direct attack against a PC behind the router but it offers little protection against Trojans. The currently popular attack mode is for a Virus to get inside the firewall as an e-mail attachment. Once a system is infected the trojan simply calls home establishing a connection from inside to outside hence traversing NAT.

In todays climate of constant worm attacks it is not enough to rely on NAT or any other outside to inside connection blocking. You should take steps to allow only authorised traffic to authorised hosts from leaving your network. Firewalls do no do this by default, they need to be configured.

SBS has a firewall in the form of Proxy Server or IAS. Personally I think both products are overkill for a small business.

[quote[If you want a hardware firewall go with a PIX501 from cisco

The Pix 501 is a very capable box but an absolute pig to configure. The Cisco 837 is pretty easy to set up but the firewall function is basic unless you hit the CLI. The Vigor appliances are cheap but again can be difficult to configure. I currently recommend the Netscreen 5 range which are a joy to work with in comparison.