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Mutliple Domain names


Mutliple Domain names

Hi All,

Im not really a DNS or IIS guru, thus this question:

I'd like to register a new domain name (no probs there). I already have a domain name which routes http to my server.

Basically id like to open up another port on my firewall and have routed to the newly openned port. At least thats what i think i need to do.

Essentially I need to have 2 domain names going to the same IP address but be able to direct called from one domain name to Website A and the other to Website B

Any help on how to acheive this would be great.
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Mutliple Domain names

If you run Apache as a Web Server, you can use its VirtualHost directive. More details can be found at

Mutliple Domain names

If your using a Microsoft web server, give both sites a corresponding host header name (in website properties>advanced).

Mutliple Domain names

Nearly forgot, if you run your own dns servers dont forget to create a new zone for the new domain name, & create a www alias(CNAME) pointing to your web server. Or if somebody else does your dns for that domain, get them to point it to your ip address.


Thanks for the feedback, I unfortunately got distracted on other projects so an just revisiting this now.

Im using Microsoft Website. ill give a shot at this, Im not all that profficient at IIS advanced configs but i always say a bad day is when you dont lean anything new Wink

Ill post back as soon as i think im getting there. Cheers once again

Mike :roll: