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Multiple SIP accounts / Remote use

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Multiple SIP accounts / Remote use

I have two question regarding Plus Talk

1) Can it be used from other locations (e.g. when traveling to other countries) ?

2) Is it possible to get multiple sip addresses (like with email have differnet family member sip addresses) ?

Thanks Markus
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Multiple SIP accounts / Remote use

I'd really like to see an answer to this ...

[1] When travelling from home, to have my SIP client work wherever I am to make/get calls would be good. Is this confirmed to work?

[2] certainly I would prefer to have multiple SIP accounts would be great. So all family member can get their own calls routed to them. So setting up,, would be great.

Multiple SIP accounts / Remote use

Hi there,

Q1 I cant answer but multiple sip accounts is a feature, Plus Net say, will come later.

I just logged in from a BT broadband account

I just connected from a friends BT broadband account through to plus talk, no problems at all.

I will get this tested out with some family in other countries, but I should think as its Internet routed, that there are no restrictions.

However there may be legal implications on doing this.

But the idea of plugging in the phone adapter, or just using x-lite on a laptop from a hotel room on the other side of the world and calling UK for free is very appealing to me.

I'll get a report from Sweeden in the next few days.