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Moving elsewhere


Moving elsewhere

That's it, it's done. I've been a loyal customer since Feb 2005 but I can stand the current service levels no more. Just ordered a migration to Zen's 8000 Active package, and hopefully that will take place in the next few days. I'm very sorry that it's had to come to this, but a person can only take so much, y'know?

Thanks to everyone who's ever helped me in these forums over the past two years. I sincerely do hope that things get better for everyone who's staying. Thanks also to James for numerous Stable Rate resets, very much appreciated. And thanks to Mand for trying to help.


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Moving elsewhere

Ho hum! From what I've heard Zen used to be very good and a lot of folk from PlusNet have moved there over the past 18 months but please note my deliberate use of the past tense-- there is an increase in people leaving Zen or trying to and finding themselves still being charged months after leaving!

Zen appears to be becoming the new Tiscali but at a higher price!