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Moving domain name in


Moving domain name in

Hi all,

just a bit confused over what happens if I bring my domain in to, currently it's hosted elsewhere, and all my email is pointed to that domain (ie If I update everything to bring it in to plusnet, what happens to my mail? presumably all mail coming in will go to my address once the DNS servers have been updated, but where will it go in the meantime?

Also, how will hosting/email be affected once I start running a second domain (already registered, no content yet) - will I be able to distinguish between mail coming in on the mikeosborne address and the other address, or do I need to set up filtering at my end to sort it out?

Hope someone can help!!!

Thanks in advance

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Moving domain name in

Mail sent to any domains hosted on your account all go the address. So my two domains, and email all go to the default mailbox.

Moving domain name in

Thanks for that, pretty much as I thought.

As all my email currently goes to my hosted domain, anyone got any thoughts as to how long I'll be without mail when I do the switch, and what will happen to any that are sent in that period?