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Moving / copying content from one account to another


Moving / copying content from one account to another

I have been hosting a website for my father on the server supporting frontpage extensions. Now that he has his own account what is the easiest way of moving the content over to his webspace ? Both accounts have shell access and frontpage extensions enabled if that helps at all.

James Savage

Moving / copying content from one account to another

OK, I solved this problem eventually using the FrontPage 2000 Open web command and in the following dialog box I created a network place for the website on the frontpage server. ( I then opened the website using Frontpage. The content was then browseable and indeed directly editable and the navigation structure was in place as expected. (Note that using web import wizard does not import the navigation structure or themes)

Note also that if you have changed the default location of application data on your PC then Win2k sometimes has problems creating a network place and the previous step fails.

The next step was simply to publish the web to its new location - in this case another frontpage server account. I wasn't sure this would work as it would mean reading from one website and writing to another but a few minutes later the job was done.

Easy when you know how. Frustrating when you don't.

Hope this helps someone else in the future.