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Missing £


Missing £

I'm currently using the Website Builder provided by PlusNet. However when I type in the £ it shows fine in edit mode, the actual page shows ÂŁ

What am I doing wrong?

This is my first attemt at setting up a webpage so allow for this novice.

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Missing £

You are doing nothing wrong. It appears it does not support £ as a valid character which is definately a bug and need to be fixed.

Over to you PlusNet.

To overcome this problem use & pound; (without the space between & and pound - the message board converts it to a £) or & #163; (again without the space between & and #). The ; is important to separate the character command from the rest of the text
& pound;100.00

will give you £100.00

Missing £

A stab in the dark here but ...
On the only couple of pages that I've created from scratch so far, I used ISO8859-1, having read somewhere that this was the correct charset to use.
All the pages that I've done with the website builder show as UTF-8 if you right-click and View Source.
That have anything to do with it, and, if so, should it be changed?

Missing £

Thanks its working using the first example