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Meta tags missing?


Meta tags missing?

Hi all,

Can anybody help with this. I have built a web site for my mum Maureens cards which I think I am fairly happy with. However the problem is this, the page is made up a frame set consisting of two frames. I have added Meta tags to what I believe is the frameset as a whole also to the main frame itself but when i view page source I get some javaScript that is not something i have been able to change.

What concerns me is, is this going to stop it from being picked up by search engines. We are submiting to Google ect but i fear that If I cant locate the code is it likely to be missed.

any guidance would be appreciated

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Meta tags missing?


Having looked at your site, index.html is your default page (the frameset) which will be the start point for the web-spider. This page does not have the meta tags in the head section. Your post does not indicate what (if any) web design tool you are using - this is often a problem with such tools - they take away your control over what is happening.

I suggest that you open main.html and index.html with notepad and then copy & paste the meta tags from main to index. The resave and republish index.html

Hope this helps,

Meta tags missing?

Hi townfield,

Thanks for that i believe that has done the trick, You're a star!

To answer your question, I am using Dreamweaver 4.

Thanks again