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MeSSiA - Website hacker


MeSSiA - Website hacker

Hi everyone

My website was a victim of a hacker called MeSSia. He or she had accessed the webspace and uploaded large quantities of MP3 tunes.

I also found out a couple of my friends had their sites hacked by this person.

Has anyone else experienced the same problem with this hacker? And if so, do you know of ways to prevent this from happening again?

Any help and advice would be appreciated

Thanks Sad

MeSSiA - Website hacker

Do you mean your + net webspace or a IIS webserver at home or work?

If its you plus net then its someone guessing/cracking your password, the username shows up in groups so we know that we know the address for the webspace its not that hard to guess a password. If its +net then change the password to a mixture of upper lower case and numbers and dont use words.

If its a home or work server then it down to firewalls patchs and good auditing MS have issued a new emergancy patch tonight as there IIS is under attack and it then attacks everyone who logs on with IE.

MeSSiA - Website hacker

I meant the www webspace provided by

But my friends had their own "" related websites hacked by this MeSSia person as well...

The chances of guessing their usernames and passwords are much more difficult then guessing mine.

Oh well, thanks for the advice about the new patch.. I'll download it now to plug the holes in the Mickey Mouse XP OS :roll:
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MeSSiA - Website hacker

stating the obvious but you have changed your password?

This is the one bad thing about PN One password for everything, if someone has it then they can view almost everything via this portal, all they need is to use a 0845 dialup and login as you.
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MeSSiA - Website hacker

Do either of you login to each others machines?
Use a common website that you login to?
Login to a common machine?

The fact that it has happened to two sites you know of on different providers is a bad way to look at it.

However, your friendship with a person that has also fallen victim flags almost a neon sign.

The chances that a hacker will access two sites you know in a short period at random, are damned minimal, infact, I sugest the National Lottery is for you if you thought so Smiley

However, a hacker attacking a single site, obtaining a password file and using that as the base to hack other locations is very probable.