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McAfee problems


McAfee problems

Sometime ago I purchased McAfee anti virus and anti spam software and the subscription is still current. I have just purchased a new laptop and I have tried to download the software into my new laptop.

AMD Athlon Mobile3200 with Hyper threading, Windows XP Pro, 1024 MB RAM and 60 GB hard drive. I have removed all anti virus software from my laptop.I have Zone Alarm Pro installed but it is not blocking pop-ups.

When I goto my account both pieces of software are there ready to be downloaded. When I start the download all looks fine. It tells me that various files are downloading but it all hangs up when I get to the Virus Engine.

When I try to get help I get a similar problem and it hangs up after a promising start..

What am I doing wrong?

What is causing this problem, McAfee, Windows XP Home or a piece of software on my computer?

Should I be using something better than McAfee? I seem to remember reading somewhere in a computer magazine that this is not the best protection.

Any ideas.... please
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McAfee problems

Are you using V5 of Zone Alarm? If so you need to go back to V4.5 as it has bucket loads of problems and compatibility issues with many virus products, especially with Mcafee.

I suggest uninstalling ZA (disabling still leaves things behiond that will interfer with your connection) and trying to download the Mcafee products and see if that works.

Also the Athlons don't have Hyper-threading, thats an Intel P4 feature. Althons have Hyper-transport though (which is not the same thing as hyper-threading) which may be what your meant.

McAfee problems

Many thanks Peter, I will give your suggestions a wiz.

Sorry about the error in the spec. I have read so much about everything in the last few weeks prior to the purchase of my new laptop that my brain is addled. I do understand the terminology if not the substance. I will be more attentive in future.

McAfee problems

PS. I forgot to mention that I am using ZA v5.0.590.