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Masking ccgi address


Masking ccgi address


Is there any way to mask the ccgi address in the browser address bar?

I have a site hosted with Plusnet ( ) with one page which needs to be on the ccgi server and I think it looks clumsy and ugly for the "" to appear instead of the sites "proper" name,I'll add unprofessional to the above list coz I really don't like the way it looks Evil

It wouldn't be too bad,but it's a latest news page and is frequently the 1st anyone views.

Rob (really,really trying to like the new cgi setup!)
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Masking ccgi address

Have you tried using frames and including the ccgi page in the frame?

Masking ccgi address

Hi Peter

Thanks for the suggestion
Ive considered frames but need to look into them more closely as I want,if possible, to preserve the current layout.