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Mailtraq mailserver


Mailtraq mailserver

Having been through hell and back with major outage on our e-mail systems, we had to come up with some form of local solution.

I tried using IIS to act as a relay (though blocking all external access, didn't want a public relay), though this would only ever fail on most counts.

It would
a: Send message without issue
b: Fail on all aol addresses and other important ones
c: Refuse to use our smarthost.

I had a major headache and a warning because of lost work with this.

I would have setup some form of linux based mailserver, which would collect our POP3 mail (can't have SMTP, yet), and forward any sent mail, including to our smarthost.

On top, with worldwide spam issues increasing and our own, we also needed a anti-spam solution.

The hope was, to have this centraly maintained, even if it meant seperate software for the lot.

However, last week I found Mailtraq

There are 5 editions:
Standard with proxy
Professional with proxy
Free (4 user standard edition)

The features are superb and we are considering moving to a Pro licence, seeing how it will solve webmail problems, and also sport us a calendar system.

I have one minor issue with it., that I hope some1 here may help solve.

We are using DNSBL to combat the spam problem. This so far has captured 11 of the 15 messages sent to the test account we are using on the server. The best part is, I know this can be improved by looking into more of the DNSBL's about, other than just

However, all mail is currently routed to the postmaster account, which we don't want (but will put up with).

The two options are

a: Reject the message
b: Reroute to address below

I have tried putting both a local mailslot name, and a full address to the mailslot in question, yet they still only goto the postmaster address.

This happens due to a routing error. I will put up with this error, as it keeps it local and seperate from real messages, but not where we want it.

Does any1 know what settings should be used to force it into a different mailslot?

For now, I am makingt he postmaster account store all mail in a different mailslot, seeing how our postmaster account is only local.