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Mail boxes


Mail boxes

At the risk of sounding stupid, I have some questions about setting up mailboxes. I only tend to use one prefix to my email address, and due to the amount of spam I've been getting recently, I would like to set this one up and block my default mail box. (I think!)

My first question is, as well as having my standard etc address, I also have one for my domain name which is a address. Do I have to create seperate mailboxes for each of those, or will my email from my domain automatically be directed to my one? Only my default address is showing on the page where you set up mail boxes, so I'm not sure how to set up ones for my domain name.

Once I've figured out how to set them up and get them working, do I have to change my Mozilla Thunderbird settings for receiving mail, and if so will I only need to do this once?

Also (last question!) when I'm collecting my mail from webmail will I have to use a different log in name?

Sorry for all the questions, I hope someone can help. I'm absolutely desperate to get it sorted out but I don't want to mess everything up as I try!

Mail boxes

any mail boxs you setup work for your domain as well. So if you set up then if you domain is hosted on Plus net if someone send to it will go into the same mail box.

Everytime you log on to get mail you will need to log into each acount seperately. So if you set up 2 mail boxs fred and jhon then you will log in with itsybitsy+fred and itsybitsy+jhon with the password you set.

You will have to setup and change any email client you have with the defautl account itsybitsy and the mailbox accounts as well.

Loging into webmail is the same you will login as itsybitsy and then as itsybitsy+mailbox name for the others