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Mac + SMTP sending problem


Mac + SMTP sending problem

Trying to send email from to SMTP server.

I use an email address using my own registered domain.
SMTP refuses the mail.

When I change the a/c settings in to my default plusnet email address it sends OK.

(same problem using Thunderbird)
(It worked OK on my wifes PC that I was relunctantly using until I got my Mac set up)

anybody else have a problem/success sending mail from Macs via the plusnet SMTP.
especially if you are using a non-plusnet domain email address

(even plusnet telephone support could offer no help or suggestions - they sneered that it was a typical Mac problem...the fools!)

Using Mail

I have two Macs, both of which use Mail to send and receive e-mails with no problems at all. I usually use my PlusNet accounts but also have a non Plusnet account that sends with no problems at all.

The outgoing mail server should always be set to the PlusNet relay server. It might be worth checking the settings to see if it is.

I do occasionally have a problem where some of my accounts will show an error and claim that the sever could not be contacted. This solves itself if I click on one of the individual accounts showing an error (listed in the drop-down beneath the In Box icon) and then click Get Mail.

Sending mail from MAC

Did you ever get your mac to send via Because I have the same problem and it is driving me mad.

Re: Sending mail from MAC

Did you ever get your mac to send via

Probably you have already done this but under preferences/server settings have you set authentication to "None"? Not doing that was what I found was causing me problems

Mac + SMTP sending problem

Hmmm, Yes I tried that. I have just had a reply from Plusnet support suggesting turning off anti virus. I don't think I have any on the MAC but I will check it out.