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Looking for phone recomendsations.

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Looking for phone recomendsations.

I'm looking to move to plustalk but need help on 2 asspects.

Which phones work.

A) Microphone and PC Speakers or headset.
B) USb phone plugged into pc, neds pc on.
C) Phone that would plug into my linksys router WAG354G so that I don't need the pc on, indeed would this work.

Which hardward works on each setup. I looked on plusnet website but only their own kit is meniotned for sale no where lists other tried and tested setups.


Looking for phone recomendsations.

I've recently bought a Speedtouch 716 v5 WL and cofigured Plustalk on the router and used our exsiting DECT phone plugged into the router and it works a treat, makes it so much easier than having to leave your PC on just to make phone calls.



Looking for phone recomendsations.

Microphone and headset approx £5 work ok

USB phones work well mine is

Neither need any other hardware but you will need X-Lite (free software) for both. And X-Lite Mate (free software) for the USB phone.

I do not regret getting VOIP anytime and i am happy with my Waitec but would get the next version up if i could afford it
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Looking for phone recomendsations.

I use the USB cyberphone which is made for skype however Couterpath who make the phone software X-Lite have got a version of X-Lite that is fully compatible with the cyberphone, and most of its features

Cyberphone -