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Looking for an email solution for a (small) number of users


Looking for an email solution for a (small) number of users

I currently use Eudora on a machine shared with the rest of the family. This is OK, but what I want to be able to do is:
- Have completely separate mailboxes on my local PC
- While at the same time, getting ALL mail to ALL mailboxes downloaded every time I connect

In a big company, SMTP push to Exchange or Notes Domino would be an obvious answer. This is a tad over the top for what I'm trying to do, so any ideas for free/v low cost alternatives?

Looking for an email solution for a (small) number of users

Yes, MailTraq

This software comes in three flavours with 1 sub-flavour.

Provides an e-mail server for 4 users.

All the features are that of the Standard edition.

Essetial edition:
Some of the features, that you may or may not use, and can simply be disabled (rather not enabled).

News server:
Handles local news groups (your own, but unless you organise for them to be propergated and included officialy, that all they will be).
This will download and keep your favourate newsgroups in sync, so they are available offline when you want them

Fully functional mailing list and archive system

Web and FTP:
Will serve your web-site with indexing, searching and ASP, without requiring IIS. Also includes a web-based server admin (has to be enabled).

Scripting and templates:
Customise every aspect of the reports that can be sent out, from non-delivery reports to automatic-audits.

Advanced routing and smarthost.
When sending mail thorugh the server yourself, it can and will deliver mail based on some advanced rules.

1: It can deliver direct to the halding mailserver for a domain.

2: It can send via a smarthost (eg

3: Combination/rules. Depending ont he detination, or the person sending the mail, it can pick which method. This is handy for AOL, ie, you deliver via MX records for all mail, yet use the +Net smarthost for *

Dial-up managment:
It can schedual calls out to send and receive mail.

It will either dial and deliver for you, or, if you schedual internet connection via another system (router or connection sharing), it will schedual to use that connection.

You can also define rules, so that important mail can be sent instantly, without waiting for the next schedualed pattern.

Professional edition:

This features all that above, along with the following.

Will store all mail on a IMAP server, so it is all stored remotly, without the need to delete it.

This will allow for a central backup location of your mail, where folder structure is maintained.

While not suitable for you, you can access your mail accounts via a browser, removing the issues with mail clients.

Can provide shared and personal callendars, with schedualed events and tasks, and with e-mailed reminders.

Provides a internal LDAP contact database, providing both global and personal based address books, tha the whole office can search.


There is only one at this time, available, and is one offer for Essential and Pro editions only.

The proxy server, can provide advanced proxy and tunneled bassed connections.
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Looking for an email solution for a (small) number of users

You could also just use outlook express and set seperate mailboxes up on the PlusNet portal.

Outlook Express then allows you to create multiple profiles allowing each user to have thier own settings and mail seperate and password protected.


Looking for an email solution for a (small) number of users

re: Outlook express and multiple mailboxes.

Seems to me that this is the same as using Eudora - & same problem; if I use separate mailboxes I need to trigger downloads separately, and I want to avoid this - the other people using this machine are not sophisticated users.

Looking for an email solution for a (small) number of users

re; Mailtraq, that sounds pretty good - thanks for the lead