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Local phone number


Local phone number


I am new to Voip I am just in the process of looking at setting it up, I have a question regarding the local call number that Plusnet offer to enable landline calls to be recivied on my Voip.

When someone calls the localrate number the call is connected all well and good, so if another caller trys to call me on the local rate number what happens, do they get the busy tone, or does it come thru to my PC so I could switch to the second caller and ask them to hold, and then go back to my first caller and finish the call.

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Local phone number

If you are using the X-lite softphone, or any other phone that supports multiple lines, then you should get the second call ringing & you can do as you say.

I can't remember how many simultaneous calls Plusnet allow. Probably in the range 3 - 5. I did ask when the service was introduced, but I've forgotten. How many your broadband connection will have capacity for is another matter & is limited by your upload capacity (unless the network is totally stuffed - VoIP is treated as highest priority & should always get the downstream bandwidth it needs). Two calls should be no problem at all.

If you are using two lines together, don't try any big up or downloads at the same time unless you have a specialist router that can prioritize VoIP traffic.


In response to previous comments about 0845 numbers - I always understood these numbers were in fact not LOCAL but were LO-CALL! They are not charged as Local calls - I am always charged by Plusnet for calls to 0845 numbers whereas my O1/02 and Local Calls are included in my monthly £15 charge.