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Linksys WIP300 Config?


Linksys WIP300 Config?

Hi All

Anyone using a Linsys WIP300 voip phone?

I have it connected to the wifi, but struggling to understand what settings are needed to get the phone side of it working. I think this is due to different terminology used by linksys and

any help please?


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Linksys WIP300 Config?

Hello I looked into that phone and most places have disc'd it for some reason :?

What settings in particular do you need and how does the linksys word it ?

Linksys WIP300 Config?

these are the settings

Nat settings I have

Nat solution =stun
Nat timer = 3600
Stun address =
Stun port = 5060

SIP settings are

Phone number =xxxxxx
Auth id = xxxxxx
Auth password = my normal password
Sip domain =
Proxy address =
Proxy port = 5060
Outbound address =
Outbound port = 5060
Local port = 5060
Reg timer = 3600 sec
Codec = g.729a
Outband dtmf = on