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Linksys WAG54G Firewall?


Linksys WAG54G Firewall?


I am about to get ADSL, BT engineers came out and passed my line this afternoon.
I have already set up a wireless home network with a Linksys WAG54G for my ADSL/Wireless Router with a WUSB54G wireless USB for my Windows XP and an Airport Extreme card for my iBook.

Is the firewall that comes with the Linksys WAG54G all I need to protect myself? When I setup my wireless network 10 days ago my dial-up connections turned off their firewalls and I got the sasser worm so I am now rather paranoid and don't know if I need a personal firewall as well as the firewall that comes with the Router.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

With thanks


Linksys WAG54G Firewall?

hardware firewall to protect incoming attacks
software firewall on ur gateway to protect outgoing and to watch what traffic is commin in and out
AntiVirus on all PCs so that a virus can not spread about
windows update set to auto download and install on all pcs to keep them patched

Linksys WAG54G Firewall?

You need Virus software on all amchines to protect against viruses, a firewall ahs nothign to do with that.
A software firewall an all machines is also a good idea, as the hardware firewalls in router only work against incoming data. So, if you get your virus, it will still send OUT. A software firewall will stop (providing you don't just hit the a"allow button") this.