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Linksys PAP2


Linksys PAP2

There appears to be a lot of contradicting information on this Forum (and the PlusNet site) about configuring VoIP in general, and the PAP2 in particular.

I can get the PAP2 to work absolutely fine with my sipgate account, but I've tried all the solutions yet to any avail for the plustalk account.

Does anyone have a definative guide?

Which username should be used "plustalk" or the sip id, e.g. "123456"

if using the username "plustalk", how on earth does it know who you are, ie. where does it pick up username from? some VoIP softphones allow you to type in domain/realm as but the PAP2 does not.

Help please!

Linksys PAP2

I've too have the PAP2 set up for both sipgate and PlusTalk. Above are my setting for PlusTalk. Yes, you do have to use the Id. number and not plustalk.

I assume that you have used the sipgate stun server, if so you can leave it as is.

Kinda fixed...


Eventually I changed " Substitute VIA Addr:" to Yes

That did the trick, and didn't mess up SIPgate either. FWIW, I can now connect to plustalk using either "plustalk" or the sip number....curious.

I do wonder though, how come the plustalk is much less reliable for a long phone call than sipgate. - I'm thinging of changing telephone supplier over proper on 4th July In theory) at home, to plusnet's telephone when it eventually goes on sale, but with reliability like I'm getting at work on the VoIP, I'm not sure confident....
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Linksys PAP2

That did it for me too Cheesy . Thank goodness for these forums. Spent ages trying to get this to work. Shame the PlusNet stuff doesn't mention this setting.