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Leave Mail on Server?


Leave Mail on Server?

Does PlusNet support Leave Mail on Server?
I sometimes want to monitor my email from work during the day using WebMail. But if I leave my PC connected (and isn't that why I pay for ADSL) it is deleted from the server everytime Outlook collects the mail. All I can see on Webmail are a few stray messages which seem to have escaped the evil deleter.

Hopeful Simon
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Leave Mail on Server?

Sure does.

I have mine set up to delete after a few days, that way web mail can be used to check your e-mail at work, and outlook at home without filling your mailbox.


Leave Mail on Server?

I would advise witching to IMAP rather than POP3 if you are going to leave mail on the server.

Use rather than

IMAP is far more suited to this, and you can even tell if messages received whilst out of work have already been read.