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Lack of investment?


Lack of investment?

This not necessarily a gripe at plusnet, more of the government, BT and the UKs attitude on IT spending, which still seems to be classed as a "cost" rather than an "investment" is leading to what can only be described as the unfair ISPs limiting connections

The main problem lies with BT, since the wholesale upgrade to 2 Mbs and beyond the capacity is being pushed to the limits and also slower copper cable as opposed to fibre is in place which again means slower, less reliable connections, before this happened my BB experience was great.

***note Not 100% sure on this but heard a story where BT in the mid 80s were going to replace the UKs cabling with fibre, but Maggies conservative govmnt shot the idea down, today this will cost (b or m)illions more to do.***

Also what are the goverment and ofcom doing about it, next to sweet F A thats what!

This leads me on to ISPs such as plusnet, i fully understand they have financial targets to meet, and obviously the main cost is the capacity they purchase from BT, now if BT/the UKs comms infrastructure had more capacity, it would obviously be cheaper to rent/purchase thus this would enable the ISP to purchase more, at a better price, instead of "optimising" there pipes to provide a better service to what they perceive as the core uses of the web

At the end of the day, as stew as said many times, this is the way the UK isp industry is heading, i disagree that a clean connection cannot be sustainable, there are ways and means around this such as not offering bandwidth draining resources such as hosting, email etc, none of which i would provide if i owned an ISP, and investing in traffic technologies that are more proactive in blocking virus/spyware and other hogging threats.

Also educating the users as well, why not send out a cd on signup with all the necessary programs and printable pages so they can read instructions!

I know this is not an ideal world, and some/most people would not read it, but then you can look at the ones infected with this rubbish and cut there service and provide them with the tools to get them back online with no (or the minimal) amount of junk

Anyways i see a lot of people complaining, on many forums, but no one taking any action

We need to set up a pressure group that will put these issues to the politicians, the people who hold the purse strings and say "hey, i pay taxes, and get nothing for it, its about time you sorted this out because in 2 or 3 years time, 3rd world countries will have faster communications than us, and this country will be left behing in the global market!"

otherwise im off to america


Lack of investment?

Just as i post that looks like ofcom have finally done something