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Just left PN and moved to BE.....WOW!!!


Just left PN and moved to BE.....WOW!!!

Got activated today... on the 24mbps service @ £24, so only a few quid more than my PN Prem account...

17.5mbps down and 1mbps up.. well chuffed.. and best of al, no peak time restrictions!!!

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Just left PN and moved to BE.....WOW!!!

From BE's Fair & Acceptable Usage Policy

If it’s felt that any Be unlimited or Pro member’s Internet activities are so excessive that other members are detrimentally affected, Be may give the member generating the excessive web traffic a written warning (by email or otherwise). In extreme circumstances, should the levels of activity not immediately decrease after the warning, Be may terminate that member’s services.

I couldn't find any details of what constitutes 'so excessive'; 100GB 200GB, 75GB?

and from their Standard terms and conditions for home members

From time to time, Be may (without notice to you) review, record or check your use of Be’s Services where Be is required to do so to ensure compliance with any laws or regulations or where ordered to do so by any court or other body or authority with the power to require such monitoring and for our own internal purposes to ensure compliance with these Terms and the ‘Fair and acceptable use policy’.

Notice the 'without notice to you' part. Not sure if this is as unlimited as their advertising suggests?

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Just left PN and moved to BE.....WOW!!!

Sadly I think moving away from a BT DSLAM is the way to go for me too - Currently getting 100kbps again tonight, yet according to BT there is no fault with my line.

Utter joke.

Just left PN and moved to BE.....WOW!!!

I know nothing is truly unlimited.. but they said "No probs" when I told them my average useage was about 100gb!!

Just left PN and moved to BE.....WOW!!!

Sorry guys,

I had to move this as it was not appropriate in the Community Support area (Clearly as it neither is support any PlusNet customers nor is it seeking any).

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Just left PN and moved to BE.....WOW!!!

Static IP address £4 a month and £2 for email accounts