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Jpegs Missing, any ideas


Jpegs Missing, any ideas

I have just collected my email today and noticed that none of the jpegs are displaying. This affects all previous emails aswell.Some come up with the little circle with a line through it denoting no access.

I am using out look on this machine and then tried a seperate machine and found the same problem using oulook express.

I am wondering if there could be some routing problem as at work had similar problems with just general access to site ie the site would not display all pictures.

Jpegs Missing, any ideas

You have outlook express set to block html and external images which could be a danger.

For each email you receive that is html with external images, their will be a tab at the top of the email you can click if you wish to display these images.

You can change the settings in outlook express

Tools >> Options >> Security

Jpegs Missing, any ideas

You are only partly right.

With OE this is exactly what I found, so thought that would resolve the problem in outlook but alas no.

Yesterday I came back from a weekend away and had some photo's on my phone that I had taken. I installed the phone to tranfer the pics and little video clip i took. As the phone has a modem I had a play, just getting it to dial up (don't ask me why ).This resulted in windows thinking it had not dialled up and was offline. this was the problem in outlook.

But cheers for your response.