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Is there an email cache

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Is there an email cache

What happens to the emails I dont receive.
On my previous ISP I finally got them to not send me emails which didnt have my name and email address on. The result was I got about 40 mails a day when I only wanted the one a day from friend and family. The rest were spam.

When investigating a problem just before leaving them I found all that stuff had gone into a holding cache and I should have cleared it at frequent intervals, if I'd only known.

Now with a proper ISP I get only the 1 per day average on my new email addy.
So to the question. Is there a cache somewhere in my name holding mails that PlusNet have not delivered to my OE account, being suspected spam or not my name or email addy, and am I likely to be hit with a problem once that cache reaches max.
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Is there an email cache

What you need to do (if you haven't already) is to set up named mailboxes for the mail you want to receive. Including one called postmaster as its part of your terms and conditions that you check that one for messages from PluNet.

Collect the mail by using username+mailboxname on your mail client.

You now have 2 options.

1. All the uncollected mail can just sit on the server for ever.
2. Use a link:Contact us ticked and request that the mail not collected by the named boxes is sent to the "Black Hole" and it will be removed.