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Is it me


Is it me

Hi folks

Since the addition of the 240 free minutes with broadband, I've been using plus talk for a month or so and it's been fairly disappointing. The main problems are:

1 When dialling out there is silence for around 20 to 30 seconds before I hear anything from the person I'm calling. I quite often don't hear the phone ringing tone and am first connected once the person I'm calling is halfway through his first opening sentence - generally they are confused at this stage as they think they are getting a silent call.

2) Quite often I dial and am never connected. Just after I give up and hang up, the other phone rings and is then connected to nobody at the other end. The phone call seems to stay open until I reset my ADSL equipment.

3) I start to be billed for calling UK 01 and 02 numbers before my 240 minutes have ran out. I've a ticket on this but not a lot seems to be happening.

Obviously this might not all be plus nets fault and could be something to do with my ADSL and VOIP equipment. The purpose of this message is therefore to ask are these sort of problems normal or is the service OK for most people ?

Thanks in advance,


Re: Is it me

I get some of the points you mention:

1 - Happens sometimes. Generally get quite a bit of silence but it rarely gets to the point where the other party's picked up before the audio kicks in.

3 - Just happened to me today. I'm on PlusTalk 240 but have no idea what my exact billing period is. If it should be the same as my BB billing period then it's not working. Nothing changed on the 'Itemised Billing' page when I last paid my BB bill and now it shows that I've (approximately) used 6.5 hrs of free calls in (approximately) 1.5 billing periods. It charged me for a landline call I made this evening. I don't know why it did so. It doesn't correspond to 240 mins total time since I started using plus talk and it doesn't correspond to 240 mins talk time used in either my last or current BB billing period. It just charged me...

I might raise a ticket on this if I get charged again tomorrow...

Richard L