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Is anyone on SKY yet, and how reliable is it?


Is anyone on SKY yet, and how reliable is it?

Although my download speed from Plusnet is usually very good, about 5400kbps, I have suffered random disconections at times and I am not impressed with the reliability of LLU from Plusnet via Tiscalli. So much so that I have requested a MAC code to move to SKY, especially since it is cheaper. Has anyone actually managed to get on SKY broadband yet, and if so is it OK or not?

It seems to me that if Plusnet had any sense that they would offer a free move back to IPstream for any customer who was not satisfied with LLU, and state so VERY clearly.

When I requested a MAC code I had a feeble response from Plusnet which included the statement:
"...UK based support: Our Support Team is based entirely in Sheffield, whereas Sky is using outsourced technical support in India. We feel ours offers more personal and localised support..."

but the quality of Plusnet support is not at all impressive given the numerous reports that I have read on these forums of customers have to wait in the order of an hour on hold to actually speak to Plusnet support.

So is SKY any good as an alternative to Plusnet?

Is anyone on SKY yet, and how reliable is it?

I have just signed up for it. Got my Mac key very easy (within 24hrs !).

So I'm keeping fingers crossed.
I admitt I'm only moving on cost and possibilty of higher speed.( I seemingly can only get 1mb at mo)

Should be up and running in about 2 weeks - I'll keep forum posted on progress
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Is anyone on SKY yet, and how reliable is it?

missile, apart from the fact that this is nowhere near community support and should reside in the general chat forum, anyone wo is now on sky wouldn't be able to post in these forums as accounts are downgraded to a PAYG dial-up account which only allows posting rights to the free dial-up forum!

Is anyone on SKY yet, and how reliable is it?


As Andy has pointed out this isnt a suppoert issue or case for the community of Plusnet. I am not going to lock the thread as I see no ill health coming from such discussions, however I will move this thread to 'Everything Internet' as this is a much better home for this kind of discussion.

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Is anyone on SKY yet, and how reliable is it?

i considered SKY but you have to use thier sky wireless box. I guess it's mac address is registered with them somehow. if this changes then I'll reconsider.

Having spent 80 quid since Christmas on wireless router and kit I'm not for dumping it yet.

Also I believe their support for SKY BB is in Livingstone, halfway between Edinburgh and Glasgae.