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Is Norton IS 2005 having fun?

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Registered: 20-09-2007

Is Norton IS 2005 having fun?

About ½ of the times when I turn on, I am immediately presented with a Trojan attack alert by Norton in a pop-up box at bottom:

"Norton Internet Security
A recent attempt to attack your computer was blocked
Click here for more details."

In the Log Viewer/Alerts, I am informed:
Rule "Default Block Bla Trojan horse" blocked (XP2400(,1042).
Inbound UDP packet.
Local address,service is (localhost,1042).
Remote address,service is (XP2400(,1042).
Process name is "N/A".

Using WixXP with SP2 and all updates, NIS is fully updated.
No problems on other computers with similar setup on same router.
Is this really a trojan attack or just NIS playing games to amuse itself?
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Is Norton IS 2005 having fun?

Did this start happening straight after you'd done an update to NIS?

On previous occasions, they've issued updates that cause similar symptoms - silly numbers of trojan attacks, all the same when you look at the log, and one of them even slowed IE down to a crawl. But they deny it when you ask them, then secretly issue another update that cures it a week or two later.

What I do now is to make sure that all updates (apart from virus definitions that liveupdate does anyway) are at least a week old before I apply them, and I've not had a problem since.

If the problem's bad, might be worth reinstalling NIS and running all the updates but the latest one.
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Registered: 20-09-2007

Is Norton IS 2005 having fun?

54 instances since May 9th. That was shortly after joining PN. I had been unable to download XP SP2 until then - impossible on dial-up. Could that be it, as it's only installed on this one machine?
I may have a try at reinstallation of NIS sometime, but not worth it for this.
Funny thing is that there were numerous instances of other attempted trojan attacks whilst on dial-up (Deep-Throat, Netspy, Back Orifice etc), but only only this annoyance since broadband was installed.
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Is Norton IS 2005 having fun?

Ive got the solution to this!!!

Up until about a month ago i would have swore by Norton - but not now - i came to realise just how bloated it was, kinda like
"jack of all trades but master of none"

type thing.

So i went and downloaded

    AVG Antivirus
    Sygate Personal Firewall

Both of which are totally free, and run far faster than NIS (the updateing process is almost infinilty faster than NIS), and do the exact same job.

In my opinion Norton has gotten too big for its own boots.

Do yourself a favour!!!!