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Internet access on Laptop


Internet access on Laptop

I am a user of broadband from on my home PC and I have just purchased a laptop for when I am away from my home PC.

I am looking for an internet access provider who I can use on my laptop (which has an internal 56kbps modem) through my mobile phone.

As this would be a second internet account I would only be using it for around 1 hour a day, I have looked at the 0845 access plans but thought that there may be a better / cheaper solution.

Does anyone still provide an 0800 service with a low monthly charge for light usage?

Anyone recommend anything suitable?

Internet access on Laptop

If your DSL is not active at the time you want to access, you can use the roving phone number (pay as you go type) and log into your current account. No need for another account.
Note: Your DSL must not be running for this to be possible.
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Internet access on Laptop

However, that is not a 0800 number and PlusNet do not offer such a service as far as I know. Most ISPs (if not all now) use the 0845 type pay as you go x pence per minute systems and I'm not aware of any that offer a fixed price (or any price) 0800 facility anymore. I also suspect the costs for mobile phone access will be much higher than that - I'm not even sure if you can phone/connect to an 0845 dialup service from a mobile phone.

So if you do have your ADSL/DSL connection active/connected 24/7 you will need to setup a free to register PlusNet paygo account and pay the 1p/min charges.

Also note the 0845 number is not available if you are outside the UK.