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International dialing problems...


International dialing problems...


I'm trying to call a US number and keep getting a message telling me that "we are unable to connect your call at the moment - please check the service status page or wait five minutes and try again."

Done both multiple times with the same result. At least it's consistent :-)

I'm assuming that international dialing takes the usual form of
00 + country_code + area_code + number
, in this case florida being 00 1 904 xxx xxxx

Any help would be appreciated :-)

FYI, using X-lite under Linux - works fine SIP-landline, landline-SIP and SIP-SIP, so assuming it's either a problem at PlusTel or a broblem between my chair and keyboard :lol:

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International dialing problems...

I suggest you raise a support ticket on this so they can investigate further.