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Instructions for Draytek 2600VG please!


Instructions for Draytek 2600VG please!

I've got a 2600VG running firmware v2.5.7rc5_UK.

I'm unable to get it to work properly with the Plustalk service, although it *was* working OK a few days ago. Please can anyone fill in the correct settings for the fields as listed from the router below so I can ensure the basic setup is correct? (My settings currently in brackets). Many thanks:

SIP Port: (5060)
Domain: (
Proxy: (
Outbound Proxy: (left blank)

Register via: (Auto)
Display Name: (Plus Talk)
Account Name: (SIP number e.g. 123456)
Authentication ID: (SIP number e.g. 123456)
Password: (usual Plusnet password)
Expiry time: (1 hour)
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Registered: 05-04-2007

Instructions for Draytek 2600VG please!


There are two methods to authenticate to the SIP server. One is providing a domain/realm of and the second is using your SIP ID in the process.

It would seem you are using a mix of the two methods.

The quickest method I can see to resolve your problems would be to set your outbound proxy to

The change "Account name" and "Authentication ID" to "plustalk".

Kind Regards,