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Increase in Spam?

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Registered: 06-08-2007

Increase in Spam?

What on earth (clean version) is happening?

Spam has suddenly increased many fold and my wife's address - which very very very very very rarely get's used - has now started receiving it.
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Increase in Spam?

I've had a burst of spam arrive this afternoon, in both my plusnet mailbox and one at my mobile provider's email service, both of which I use very rarely, and neither of which has ever received spam before


First SPAM ever today on three accounts at the same time, one has never been used to send emails, and is only used to send emails to us by plusnet.

I think that plusnet email may have been hacked.

They seem to be being sent alphabetically (up to l at the moment) so expect more in the near future.
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Spam - very suspicious

Rarely get any spam. Today around 1700 hours I get 8 in a short space of time. They are ariving at one of my plus mailboxes as well as to (where user is my username and domain-... is my actual domain name). This mail is picked up by the same plus mailbox.

Plus net is the only organisation in the world that has both of these addresses and so I am extremely suspicious that plus net has in some way been compromised.
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Increase in Spam?

Lets keep all discussion on this subject in a single place.