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Incorrect charges

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Registered: 01-08-2007

Incorrect charges

Anyone else got this problem……

I have used 3 hours 30 min of my included minutes (should get 4 hours) but I am being charged for my calls to BT lines.
I have put a ticket in but no reply… what's new!
Thinking about the service I should be happy that it’s actually working…. for now!


Incorrect charges

I complained about this and was told it would be fixed, nothing happened and eventually plus net took it upon themselves to spontaneously close the call without resolving the problem.

I opened a second call saying I was fed up and the original call should not have been closed. I also said that how they handled this would dictate if I stayed with plus net in the hope this would prompt the agent to reopen the original call. Instead, the agent did nothing other than say my original call was closed because it had been idle for a while - he made no attempt to reopen the first call. Fair enough I thought, so today I asked for my MAC key - what else can I say.