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Incompatible Adaptor - Netgear TA612V


Incompatible Adaptor - Netgear TA612V

Well after months of trying to get any sensible help from F( support I have finally concluded that a) they dont want to help and b) the Netgear TA612V running open firmware is not going to work properly with the VOIP SIP implementation F9 have.
It is possible to get outgoing calls to work fine (although you will need to use either the IP address or for the sip proxies usually) but incoming calls won't work properly. The phone will ring but it being answered isn't acknowledged by the SIP servers. This appears to be because the TA doesn't like the accpetance packet sent by the server and drops it.
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Incompatible Adaptor - Netgear TA612V

It appears that nothing much does work with the F9 VOIP.

I tried the ZyXel VOIP ATA bought from F9 and eventually had to return it, now I have Sipura SPA1001 and this has the same issues - works fine with sipgate though.

Try for free and get a proper UK number too.

regards, Ian

Incompatible Adaptor - Netgear TA612V

try these setting I use them with my speedtouch router

I had to tell F9 how to set up my router for voip calls

sip URL enter voicemail box number only
username as above
password xxxx make yours up
confirm password xxx as above
display name blank
Abbrevited number blank
port 1

service config
reg port 5060
proxy port 5060
Expire time 3600

Incompatible Adaptor - Netgear TA612V

That is pretty much how I have it setup (except there is no SIP URL in the TA612V). Using meant it wouldn't even ring when someone called me but when I used at least the call rings, although I can't accept the call anyway so it makes little difference.

BTW I have a Sipgate account and have for a couple of years now and as always this works perfectly on the same TA.