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Incoming Phone Call

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Incoming Phone Call

Ive been thinking about VoIP at home.
Would i need the PC to be on in order for me to recieve a phone call?

I was just thinking that it would be handy if i had a mobile VoIP phone and just my regular broadband router.

Incoming Phone Call


Yes! I explored the idea of using VoIP with PlusTalk but found the service NOT to my likley due to quality issues. But to answer your question, the way I understand this is that YES! your computer has to be on and working normally to then receive an incoming VoIP call from another user.


Incoming phone call

It really depends on the hardware you have...

If you have an adsl modem then yes your PC needs to be turned on, but if you buy a router (that supports VoIP) or if you have a standard router and buy a VoIP adapter then no you can leave your PC off and answer and make calls.

I have just purchased a Zoom VoIP ATA with teleport, which allows me to make and receive calls on my old analogue telephone both through VoIP and through my landline (all emergency services have to be routed through the landline). However they can be somewhat of a pain to configure!
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Incoming Phone Call

I've tried Plustalk with a ZyXel analogue telephone adapter (ATA) bought from F9 but had to send it back as it wouldn't work. As a previous poster said, Plustalk has too many quality issues.

I now have a Linksys SPA1001 (about 40 quid) and an account with sipgate, which gives me a free geographic phone number (i.e. not a silly 0845 number). It was easy to set up and works reliably - I use it with a DECT cordless phone.

The ATA has two channels, so I've set the second one up with Plustalk but it still has quality issues that make it unusable.

The ATA performs just as a normal landline in terms of call quality.

regards, Ian