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Incoming Caller ID not working


Incoming Caller ID not working

Hi folks - Have got Plustalk up and running with the Speedtouch 716WL (and yes it does work with a DECT phone). However incoming calls from landlines and mobiles do not show on caller ID as who they are, only as 'Out of Area'. I have got caller ID enabled on my BT line (has been working previously) and have enabled it as a telephony service on my router's menu as well. I am using ADSL filters that definitely allow Caller ID to work as well. (Solwise filters, have been working fine for months)

Why would caller ID not be showing up on incoming calls?

The DECT phone plugs straight into the router, which itself has lines in to the DSL and PSTN sockets. It's a 100% correct setup according to the manual :?

The calls themselves work fine, incoming and outgoing, it's just the CLIIP that is not working for now - annoying as I work from home as a freelance illustrator and really need to see who is ringing - keeps the stress levels down to avoid certain calls...

Thanks to anyone who can offer advice - Deb.