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Im getting in a mess with FTP! :( need some help


Im getting in a mess with FTP! :( need some help


Hello eveyone, Ive decided to give FTP a go after using the Plusnet templates for ages. I seem to have gotten in a bit of a mess Sad
Here is the long long story...
I have 12 pages in my web space, all of which Im happy with. So to give FTP a go I created and published a blank page using a template (page 13)
I then downloaded FTP Voyager & managed to connect to my webspace.
I can see all my pages in the little window, but when I click on page 13 it just opens up my blank page in a new window. How do I put pictures onto my chosen page? It wont allow me to drag & drop Cry
Theres a folder in amongst my web pages called images, which has all the pictures in it that are on my other pages. I managed to upload the pictures that I want on page13 into this 'images' folder, but how do I get them specifically onto my web page?
This is all new to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I would like to come to understand FTP & hopefully use it regularly.

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Im getting in a mess with FTP! :( need some help

The website builder creates the HTML code to position the text and images on your web page.

You have to write your own webpage using an HTML editor or web page designer. You cannot just place images on a blank page.

If you are using Internet explorer to view this, click on view (at the top) the click page source and you will see a window open showing the HTML code that is used to create what you a seeing. It is this you must create yourself for page 13.

If you do the same when viewing your other pages in Internet Explorer (view->page source) you will see the HTML code that the website builder created for you.

I think you need to learn a bit more about HTML and creating web pages. Try going to the library or a book store and finding some books of web page design for beginners or one I used when I first started 'HTML 4 for dummies' .


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Im getting in a mess with FTP! :( need some help

Someone told me in a previous thread that I could just up load pictures to my already created template page using FTP

And now Ive used the FTP stuff it wont let me edit my pages by using web site wizard :?
Im stuck Cry any more advice anyone?