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Idea for new PN package

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Idea for new PN package

As e-mail in generally is a major headache for pn to keep on top of why don't they introduce a e-mail free package to the range with increased download limits.

Many PN users in these forums now have their mail hosted outside PN for a higher factor of reliability.

I for one like the connection as it's never given me any problems but relying on the other supposed parts of the package is currently not possible.

I know payg basic exists but with the 450mb included limit it takes the biscuit.

I'd prefer to stay with pn for the connection but for all else i have had to move out to other providers at extra cost.

I was first attracted to PN as all i wanted was under one roof but at present that roofs not as water tight as I'd like or was used too.

Will BT's new spin mean a complete overhaul of the product range. I hope that a basic connection with add on choices is introduced or at leats considered.


Idea for new PN package

They should offer sweetners to long standing customers as well. I have been with PN for years and as such I think I deserve a few meg extra download for my loyalty