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ISP/ASP Selection criteria


ISP/ASP Selection criteria

first of all, I'm a noob here, so apologies if this is posted in the wrong place....

just doing an exam revision question, and would really appreciate some help from anyone in the know. basically, what criteria would you use to select an ISP, and ASP, and an outsource partner if you were

a) a major international bank
b) small/medium local wholesale business

would anyone be able to point me in the right direction as in what areas to look into, what particular issues involved in each instance, etc etc

I've made a start on this, for instance cost being the primary concern for an SME whereas a major international bank is more likely to be concerned with issues such as reputation, performance, and security than cost. if anyone is able to contribute in any way, i would be extremely grateful
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ISP/ASP Selection criteria

An international bank, will be looking for a partner that can provide a point of presence in all of the countries that it operates.

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ISP/ASP Selection criteria

The Bank would also be looking for a very good Service Level Agreement with the shortest possible response times where a fault occured. Sending a BT engineer round two weeks on Friday coz they're a bit busy today wouldn't go down very well. :lol: