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IRC Issue?


IRC Issue?

Hi All

After finally getting to grips with my recently purchased "Mac" system and it's idiosyncrasies I finally decided to dip my toe again into the IRC world to which end I downloaded and installed "Ircle".and was a little perturbed when doing a "Whois" on myself to see that practically all my e-mail address was visible ie everything after the "@" . 2 Questions

1) do I need to be concerned
2) and if so would getting Plusnet to give me rDNS (is that the process that shows your e-mail address as an IP number) help.

Sorry about the wording of question 2 but I recall reading about such a process on the forums somewhere but forget where so "rDNS" may be the wrong term entirely but hope someone knows what I mean.

My wife has shown an interest in IRC:but as it is a minefield at the best of times without the possability that her e-mail address is being broadcast to anyone that takes the time to do a "Whois" I would rather sort this out first.

Thanks in advance

Ian & Linda Jordan
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IRC Issue?

Yes, you should get your rDNS changed to your IP address via contact us. This will go some way to making it more difficult for people to work out your domain from your IP address.
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IRC Issue?

1/ yes and no, irc can be a bad place to be like anywhere else online.


  • tell anyone your real name / address etc
  • paste you email address in any channel, people take great delight in using any they get from irc to spam them. if someone needs it send them a personal message. Ideally have a hotmail account for this, so if it does get spammed its not a big issue to stop using it.
  • enter any correct details as far as Email / finger files are concerned in the IRC client

On IRC you trust someone before you tell them anything.

2/ yes you can request a rDNS change via the contact us getting it changed just to your IP.

You can also register with a bot on the server, usually called Nickserv / Q / X etc if the IRC server has that facility. Using that you can hide your IP, usually its on the forum of, so make sure you use an alias for you account name and not your real name.
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IRC Issue?

Thanks for the replies folks,but after having given the matter some thought I have decided that IRC (which has'nt changed any during my absence) is not worth the trouble.Managed to convince the wife to stick with her Yahoo groups, an her AOL IM video chats.

Once again thanks for taking the time and trouble to reply.

Ian & Linda jordan