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IP address


IP address

why is it when someone try to 'ping' me they are unable to see my ip. DO plusnet have some kind of spoofing enabled or do i (my os is win 2000 pro and i have an static ip)

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IP address

This is down to one of three possible problems.

1: Your computer is blocking the ping packets. Are you using a router or firewall with steath settings?

2: They are pinging the wrong IP address. Are you sure they are sending pings to your 81.174.150.* address (masked out, though not hard to find out)?

3: Yours or your friends system has been blocked from sending ICMP packets. This happens when outgoing packets with a destination port of 135 are detected. This nlock only lasts for the duration of the connection session (IE, reboot your connection hardware to remove the block. It is put back in place if more traffic is detected).
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IP address

Yes it does seem to be a case that your machine (or router if you have one) is blocking the pings. I've just tried and it doesn't go though.