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IIS Hosting, Please Help


IIS Hosting, Please Help

Ok This is where I am at,

I have a webiste ( and under the DNS record on here I have selected:

Left field: www
Right field: (External) Internet IP Address

Now am I rught in thinking that this should now link my to my external IP provided by

If I've got this bit right then I'll move on.

I Have IIS 5.1 running on a machine

On IIS I have done the following under the website tab:

Description: Site
State: Running
Host Header Name:
I.P Address: (This being the PC's Local IP)
Port: 80

Also on my wireless router I have forwarded port 80 to Is this correct? or does it need to be forwarded to my external IP.

I think that pretty much covers it. Oh one other thing I noticed is to do with the Host Header Name. If I leave it blank then when I type in my local IP the web site comes up. But if I fill it in with the website i want my IP linked to the website does not come up. (Although this is all local and I don't know if it affects anything I thought I'd just say)

Oh and if you wana do a DNS test on for me, please do, cause i don't know what any of that stuff means LOL. The site domain name I'm trying to get running is

Hope some one can help me out with that, lol

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IIS Hosting, Please Help

Please avoid starting multiple threads. I'm going to lock your previous one as this contains a little more info from you.

IIS Hosting, Please Help

Sorry, just that no one seems to be able to help me....

IIS Hosting, Please Help

you need it forwarded to an external ip address for it to work :-)

IIS Hosting, Please Help

K, but my router thing says Internal IP, or can Ignore that and enter the external one?