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Hi, in the past with my previous ISP (BTYahooo) my ST router has always given me a 'True Stealth' result on the GRC Shields Up security test and also on the Sygate Test.
I haven't done the test for a while and by chance did so yesterday. All the ports are still closed, but my PC failed the True Sealth test because it replied to an ICMP Echo.
I'm wondering if this ICMP Echo ping is because Plusnet use static IPs ?

My PC used to be stealthed as if nothing was connected, but now this ping response shows that there is a PC connected at my IP although it still is secure because the ports are blocked.

Any ideas what's hapening ?
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It has nothing to do with having a static IP, what IP you have makes no difference to ICMP.

Have you changed anything in your router recently like enabling pings or changed your firewall rules as that is the only thing I can think of that could change what you are seeing?

What is your exact router make/model and firmware version? Have you upgrades the firmware recently or checked to see if a later firmware version exists?

Have your tried a restore to factory settings and reconfigured it to see if it changes?


OK I can rule out my move to a static IP then,

I'm using a Speedtouch 530 with firmware which I believe is the latest.
I'll reload the router as you suggest later and let you know this evening if it makes any difference.

I'm Sorted.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Peter, it was a router settting that was causing the problem.
I reset the router using the setup wizard and used a custom option which gave me the option to block 'remote support' and with this setting I now pass the GRC test with True Stealth again.

The recent firmware must enable remote support by default.